Member Benefits

Membership is open to all people involved in the management, treatment or research of aphasia, both in the United Kingdom and overseas. Our membership is comprised of students, researchers and practitioners from a range of disciplines including speech and language therapy, psychology, linguistics and medicine.

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We are a society run by and for the benefit of members. Please see below for the membership benefits. 

Membership benefits

BAS Membership benefits include: 

  • BAS organises two events every year: the BAS Research Update Meeting, and the BAS International Conference. You can only attend these events as a BAS member.
  • Therapy Masterclasses: BAS is excited to announce a new facility for members that provides a theoretical overview and practical guidance about Aphasia therapy. We are calling these “Aphasia Therapy Masterclasses”.
  • Access to the BAS Annual General Meeting.
  • Access to support funds to attend BAS and non-BAS events (see Awards & Funding)
  • Exclusive access to a three-yearly newsletter that includes the latest news on national and international work related to aphasia research and aphasia rehabilitation. This also includes access to all previously sent newsletters. 
  • As a member, you can contribute items to the Newsletter.
  • As a member, you have access to the wide BAS membership base, which includes clinicians and researchers in aphasia in the UK and beyond, by sharing calls for research project recruitment, research surveys, job openings, grant information, etc. These can be shared through our Newsletter (see Newsletter for more information) or our regular BAS Update emails. Calls for recruitment and surveys will only be included in a BAS Update email for projects run by PhD students and more senior researchers. 
  • Monthly research summaries of recent peer-reviewed articles on aphasia.
  • Cash prizes for student work related to aphasia (see Student Prizes).