BAS announces June 2019 Research Update meeting and request for papers


Research Update Meeting, University of Reading, Thursday June 6th 2019

The Research Update Meeting is a forum to present ongoing work in aphasia. Projects can be at any stage of development or completion. The meeting is designed to be an open and friendly environment, with an audience of clinicians, students, researchers and clinical-academics. It offers the opportunity to receive feedback on ideas and to keep up-to-date on current research activities. The full programme will be advertised in April.

This event is free of charge to attend, but all attendees of BAS events (including presenters) must be members of the society. To join, please visit:

Registration is not yet open. Please keep an eye out for updates from BAS.

Call for project summaries

This year’s meeting at the University of Reading has an open theme. We welcome submissions on topics from across the spectrum of aphasia related work (assessment, rehabilitation, theoretical projects, clinically based projects, impairment, activity, participation, well-being, community projects and so on.). We also welcome submissions from projects looking beyond stroke and/or left hemisphere aphasia (e.g. progressive aphasias, right hemisphere stroke/brain injury or aphasia resulting from neurological disorders aside from stroke).

 Please submit a summary of your research idea or project to this link

Linguistic Underpinnings of Narrative in Aphasia (LUNA) Survey

Survey open to BAS members  

Linguistic Underpinnings of Narrative in Aphasia (LUNA): A proof-of-concept study of a novel discourse treatment for aphasia using personal narratives

A UK speech and language therapist survey of discourse analysis in aphasia (LUNA Phase 2)

We are delighted to announce that The Stroke Association has funded this research project. 

Please find below a weblink for the survey. The link takes you to the Participant Information Sheet (which is online) and the Consent Form (which must be completed online), and the survey.

The survey is Phase 2 of LUNA and was approved by the City, University of London Language and Communication Science Proportionate Review Ethics Committee on 07/08/2018.

The survey will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

It has 49 questions (14 demographic, 35 discourse, almost all “tick box”; and an additional 3 screening questions and 2 final optional questions).

The questions are about whether therapists do or don’t carry out discourse analysis, what helps and hinders, and what their general views are about it and its feasibility in the clinical setting. In order to participate, speech therapists need to be qualified, currently practising in the UK, and working in rehabilitation with patients/ clients with aphasia.


If you have any queries or requests for further information, please don’t hesitate to contact or